The law and policy of internet and digital technology use


Electronic Contracting (econtracts)

Statutes and Cases Interpreting Model and Uniform Contract Laws: UCITA, the UETA, Federal Legislation and the EU Distance Sales Directive (UCITA, UETA)

Obtaining Assent in Cyberspace: Contract Formation for Click-Through and Other Unilateral Contracts (clickwrap)

Choice of Law/Jurisdictional Developments (jurisdiction)

Licensing and Internet Content (licensing)

Structuring and Drafting Website Terms and Conditions (websites)

ISP Service Agreements (ISPs)

Software as a Service: On-Demand, Rental and Application Service Provider Agreements (SAS)

Internet Licenses: Content, Access and Development

Licensing Pre-Existing Content for Use Online: Music, Literary Works, Video, Software and User Generated Content (repackaging)

Drafting Internet Content and Development Licenses

Website Development and Hosting Agreements (websites)

Website Cross-Promotion and Cooperation: Co-Branding, Widget and Linking Agreements (websites)

Choice of Law/Jurisdictional Issues (jurisdiction)

Website Owner and Service Provider Liability for User Generated Content and User Misconduct (230)

Intellectual Property (IP)

Copyright Protection and Misappropriation in Cyberspace (copyright)

Trademark, Service Mark, Trade Name and Trade Dress Protection and Misappropriation in Cyberspace (trademark)

Privacy and Publicity Rights of Celebrities and Others in Cyberspace (privacy)

Patents Protection and Misappropriation in Cyberspace (patents)

Rights in Internet Domain Names (including ACPA and UDRP developments) (ACPA, UDRP, domains)

Search Engines and Information Distribution Systems—Unique I.P. Issues (search)

Employer Rights in the Creation and Protection of Internet-Related Intellectual Property (workforhire)

Conduct and Regulation of Internet Commerce (ecommerce)

Online Financial Transactions and Payment Mechanisms

  • Consumer Electronic Payments (epayment)
  • Business Electronic Payments (epayment)
  • E-Business Lending and Bankruptcy (ebanking)

Online Gambling (gambling)

Online Securities Law (securities)

Taxation of Electronic Commerce (tax)

Antitrust Restrictions on the Conduct of Electronic Commerce (antitrust)

State and Local Regulation of the Internet (states)

Best Practices for U.S. and Global Companies in Evaluating Global E-Commerce Regulations and Operating Internationally:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • EU

Advertising in Cyberspace (advertising)

Behavioral Advertising (advertising, privacy)

Spamming, Email Marketing and the Law of Unsolicited Commercial Email (spam)

Third-Party Liability (3P)

Assessing and Limiting Liability Through Policies, Procedures and Website Audits (policies, audits)

Export Controls (export)

E-Government (egovernment)

Regulation of Access, Interoperability and Services (standards)

E-Business Administration (ebusiness)

Electronic Communications in the Workplace (policies)

Insurance and Electronic Commerce Risks (insurance)

Records Management (records)

Electronic Evidence (evidence)

Assessing and Limiting Liability Through Policies, Procedures and Website Audits (policies, audits)

Privacy and Security Topics (privacy, security)

Data Privacy (privacy)

Securities and Banking Regulation (securities, banking)

Computer Security (security)

Internet, Network and Data Security (security)

Cloud Computing (cloud)

GPS/Geolocation Privacy (GPS)

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)

Detecting and Retrieving Stolen Corporate Data (breach)

Criminal and Related Civil Remedies for Software and Digital Information Theft (crimes)

Crimes Directed at Computer Networks and Users: Viruses and Malicious Code, Service Disabling Attacks and Threats Transmitted by Email Crimes Directed at Computer Networks and Users (crimes)

Identity Theft (IDtheft)

Use of Email in Attorney-Client Communications (email)

Email and other Electronic Communications in Litigation and in Corporate and Employer Policies (email)

Ethical considerations for Lawyers Online (ethics)

Internet Speech, Defamation, and Online Torts

Web 2.0 Applications: Social Networks, Blogs, Wiki and UGC Sites (web2)

Defamation, Torts and the Good Samaritan Exemption (defamation)

Tort and Related Liability for Hacking, Cracking, Computer Viruses, Disabling Devices and Other Network Disruptions (hacking)

E-Commerce and the Rights of Free Speech, Press and Expression In Cyberspace (freedom)

Child Pornography and Obscenity (obscenity)

Laws Regulating Non-Obscene Adult Content Directed at Children (children)

U.S. Jurisdiction, Venue and Procedure in Obscenity and Other Internet Crime Cases (obscenity, jurisdiction)

Consumer Protection Online (consumers)

Developments in Cyberspace Jurisdiction (jurisdiction)

Personal Jurisdiction in Cyberspace

Internet ADR/Online Dispute Resolution (NetADR)

Internet Litigation (NetLitigation)