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White House Issues Interim Progress Report on Big Data

Earlier this month, the White House released its Interim Progress Report on implementation of the recommendations made by its big data and privacy working group. Highlights:

(1) Draft legislation implementing a revised Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights (first published for comment in 2012) will be released by the end of the month.

(2) The administration has already proposed a federal breach notification law, the Personal Data Notification and Protection Act.

(3) The administration has made less progress on extending privacy protection to non-US persons but is “working closely with members of Congress” to propose some protection to EU citizens someday.

(4) The administration has announced both the Student Digital Privacy Act and voluntary commitments by providers of educational software and services, each designed (among other things) to prevent the sale of student data for purposes unrelated to education and to prevent the targeting of advertisements to students. (The legislation is still vaporware at the moment, so no link.)

(5) The federal government is “studying” the use of predictive analytics in law enforcement and its potential for invidious discrimination.

The report also identifies a couple of “no progress” areas: fixing the Electronic Communications Privacy Act so law enforcement no longer has a free pass at stale and unread emails and implementation of a stakeholder-driven “Do Not Track” standard.